Pregnancy Scanning


The Ultrasound Centre is now able to offer Harmony™ prenatal testing

 - Price for the test is £475 -

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Early Pregnancy

From 6 Weeks
£65 (Deposit Required at Booking)

Early pregnancy scans can provide the reassurance and comfort of knowing that all is well in a pregnancy and the diagnosis of multiple pregnancies. An early pregnancy or viability scan will confirm your pregnancy and calculate your estimated due date, this can be performed from approximately 6 weeks. These scans may involve transvaginal/internal scanning if clear images cannot be obtained, scans at this stage may be inconclusive and we will offer a further scan usually 10-14 days later to monitor the progress of the pregnancy.

Reassurance scans are not routinely available on the NHS.

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Reassurance Scan

Any stage from 6 Weeks
£65 (Deposit Required at Booking)

Reassurance scans can be performed at any stage throughout pregnancy and can be combined with a Gender scan (for those who can’t wait to find out) from 16 weeks onwards. 

Reassurance scans may be performed to confirm baby's position, to check the fluid or just for you to see baby and assure the growth is within normal range.


Gender Scan

16+ Weeks
£65 (Deposit Required at Booking)

The Ultrasound Centre are able to provide a gender scan from 16 weeks gestation. A 20 minute scan will include a fetal well-being check and our profession opinion on the gender of your baby. We will attempt to give you a 3D preview, if the position of your baby allows for this at the time of appointment. Please note that ultrasound cannot provide 100% guarantees, however all scans are performed by a qualified Sonographer with obstetric ultrasound scanning experience.

A full bladder is sometimes helpful for this scan at 16 weeks and so we suggest that you do not empty your bladder for 1 hour prior to the appointment. 

Our 3D and reassurance Scan appointments will also include the option to also look for the gender of your baby.

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3D/4D Scan

26-32 Weeks
£129 (Deposit Required at Booking)

The Ultrasound Centre uses the latest technology offering both 3D and 4D scans giving you the opportunity to see your unborn baby producing memorable moments to share with your family and friends.  

The still 3D pictures and 4D moving images are saved on CD for you to take home and you will also receive a colour 3D photo of your baby. This scan will include a fetal well being check which will include measurements of baby's growth, fluid measurements and the position of the placenta.

We will also be happy to confirm baby's gender at this scan if you wish to know.