About Pregnancy Scanning

Early pregnancy can be an anxious time for many people and we are able to offer reassurance and viability scans from 6 weeks. Women with a history of miscarriage often cannot be offered scans within the NHS hospital and scans may at this stage be inconclusive, we will offer a further scan usually 10 -14 days after to monitor progress of the pregnancy. A fetal heartbeat can usually be detected from 6-7 weeks and at this stage multiple pregnancies can also be diagnosed!

Reassurance scans can be performed at any stage throughout pregnancy and can be combine with a gender scan (for those who can’t wait to find out) from 16 weeks onwards. Reassurance scans may be performed to confirm baby's position, to check the fluid or just for you to see baby and assure the growth is within normal range.

3D and 4D scans are best carried out from about 26 weeks when baby has a little bit of fat but there is still a good amount of fluid around baby to obtain the clearest images possible.

Every baby scan performed will be issued with a report stating the position of the baby andthe placental position as well as growth and fluid measurements.

The Ultrasound Centre's (Ramsgate, Kent) baby scans do not provide an alternative to your routine NHS scans and you should still continue with the ultrasound scans offered - usually at 11-13 weeks and 20 weeks in line with the National screening guidelines.